The BIG3 Basketball League starts with a successful debut, future looks bright

The BIG3 basketball league debuted on Sunday night and all signs indicate that co-founder, Ice Cube, is on to something.

The BIG3 league displayed very competitive games, play calling infused with street ball, and player injuries. This league is definitely not the gimmick many thought it would be.

One glaring difference from the NBA—this league is not the NBA.

And that is a good thing.

The league got off to a strong start Sunday night, with the two of four games being decided on winning shots in front of 15,177 fans. That’s right. The first event had over 15,000 fans and that is a great sign for the league.

Here are the rules explained by Ice Cube:

The Concept


The league consists of eight teams, featuring former NBA stars. Games are played to 60 points and must end with two-point margin of victory.
One glaring difference of the BIG3 league from other leagues is the new four-point shot from 30 feet. The only requirement for the shot is one foot has to be on one of the three enclosed areas. This addition is a major draw as players are more adept to attempt the lucrative shot.

The leagues format is a three-on-three format. This format will keep players from lackluster effort and is growing in style and recognition. The 2020 Tokyo games will feature the new format for the first time in Olympic history. Just remember the BIG3 gave us a first glimpse of what to expect in the Olympics.

While the league hosts a slew of NBA talent, the most recognizable is former NBA MVP and hall of famer, Allen Iverson. Iverson is a player-coach for the 3’s Company team. On Sunday he played a minimal eight minutes. He later commented that fans should not get used to seeing him play as age and basketball layoff are becoming determining factors.

But don’t worry, the league still has enough star power to build on week one’s success.

Click here for a complete listing of team rosters and schedules

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