Post Game Reactions: Orlando Magic vs Boston Celtics

The Orlando Magic went to battle against the number one team in the NBA. After a bone-crushing loss in their previous game, Orlando surely would be more prepared, right? Sadly, the Magic were just as ill-equipped and fell to the Boston Celtics 104-88.

The Orlando Magic suffered a huge loss at the hands of the lowly Chicago Bulls on Friday night. They took to the Amway Center again Sunday to get back on track against the league-leading Boson Celtics. Still down their first and second string point guards, Orlando opted to play Jonathon Simmons as the starting point guard and keep Shelvin Mack running the second unit. While the intent was good the results remained the same as the previous game. Orlando failed to get into a rhythm on offense. A lot of the offensive ineptitude stems from Jonathon Simmons getting into early foul trouble. Simmons picked up his third foul with a little under 5 minutes remaining in the second quarter. Without Simmons steady defensive pressure on Kyrie Irving, the Celtics offense opened up and allowed their lead to grow. The Orlando Magic were out of the game by halftime.


Cold Shooting

The Orlando Magic had another off night shooting ball. In particular, Evan Fournier had a bad night. Fournier was an abysmal 2 of 14 from the field and 2 of 9 from behind the arch. Fournier has been Orlando’s steady hand consistently contributing about 20 points per game. He just could not get anything going in the paint tonight and was even held without a free throw attempt. As a team, the Magic shot 36.3 percent from the field and 20.7 percent from three-point range which is even worse than their previous night versus Chicago.

The Magic were on an abnormal tear in terms of their shooting percentages before DJ Augustin went down. A decline was expected to take place at some point but this drop off has been unbelievable. Finally, the Magic had figured out how to get good, open, high percentage shot with ball movement in the first seven games. It seems as if they have forgotten what got them to this place in the standings. They have to get back to moving the ball and trusting each other no matter who the point guard is.

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4th Quarter

After clawing their way back within 8 points at the end of the third quarter the Orlando Magic fell apart. The 4th quarter was not kind to the Magic and they did not take it well. When the team needed to desperately close out this game the Magic gave up 27 points while only scoring 19 points on the other end. A deficit that was manageable at the start of the quarter quickly got out of reach and the team looked like they threw in the towel. However, the Magic live to fight another day but they will have to regroup and put forth a much better effort to finish games.

The Orlando Magic next game is Wednesday versus the New York Knicks.

Pregame: What to Watch For, Orlando Magic vs Boston Celtics

The Orlando Magic are coming off of their worst performance of the season, which was also the first home loss. The Boston Celtics have the best record in the league. Can the Magic bounce back?

The Orlando Magic return to action tonight against the Boston Celtics. Boston comes into Orlando holding the boasting the best record in the NBA. After losing arguably their best player for the season in Gordon Hayward, Boston continues to impress. The Magic are an early season surprise and hope to knock off the Celtics while getting back to form. Orlando will be short-handed yet again as Elfrid Payton and DJ Augustin will miss tonight’s game. Payton is missing his eighth consecutive game this season, Augustin is missing his second. Here are a few things to look for tonight.

Point Guard

The Orlando Magic will be without the services of their first and second string point guards tonight. On the other side of the coin, the Boston Celtics feature one of the most dangerous point guards in the league in Kyrie Irving. The Magic had a tough time getting their offense going in their last outing. The chemistry missing from having either Payton or Augustin in the lineup completely changed the flow of the game for Orlando. The Magic will have to make a constant effort to push the pace and get points in transition.

They are at there best when the ball is moving and players are moving. Shelvin Mack will have to do a better job with the starters of getting everyone in the right place. On the defensive end, Mack will need to be on his toes to keep Kyrie Irving under control. The Magic may even choose to place Jonathon Simmons on Irving if things start to get out of hand. Look for better point guard okay tonight on both ends of the court.

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Bounce Back

The Orlando Magic have heard all season that their hot start and shooting percentages cannot be sustained. Friday night all of those non-believers were proven right. Orlando shot terrible on the night only converting  28.6% from three-point range. Not only were the shots not falling for Orlando, they lost big to a team they should defeat easily. The Magic will need to respond tonight. A great performance against the Boston Celtics will be vindication for a terrible loss a few night ago. A win would help bring back the confidence shown in the first eight games of the season. Fighting through these injuries early in the season will build character for a team already playing with a chip on their shoulder. Look for the Orlando Magic to bounce back and give a valiant effort to prove that their start wasn’t a fluke.





Boston Celtics Gordon Hayward Breaks Ankle, Which NBA Team Has The Most Opportunity?

The Boston Celtics gave Gordon Hayward a huge load of money to lead them to a potential championship this season. And it took just over five minutes for that vision to fade away.


The Boston Celtics need Kyrie Irving to step up and lead them in a major way. With the loss of all-star forward Gordon Hayward, the team will be reeling to restructure the playbook towards Irving’s strengths. The Celtics season is not completely loss with this latest injury. They still have a couple of talented forwards who could step into Hayward’s role in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. But while the Celtics and the NBA world deal with the Gordon Hayward injury, someone has to potentially benefit from it. Here are a couple of teams who should attempt to capitalize on the Hayward injury.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks have been in the playoff race but always missing out on pushing in the top four of the Eastern Conference. Now is the time for them to claim a top four, home court advantage. The Bucks are coming into the 2018 NBA season healthy and hungry. They boast a litter of young players who have established themselves into niche roles led by all-star, Giannis Antetokounmpo. If they can pick up on last season’s success then don’t be surprised if they leap-frog Boston in the standings.

Washington Wizards

Who else is ready to challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers for top dogs of the Eastern Conference? John Wall and company, that’s who. John Wall has already made it known with the Wizards failing to land a third star, that they would be all in on themselves. And now is the best chance the Wizards to secure their place amongst the best in the conference. While they may not have enough offensive firepower to dethrone the Cavaliers for spot one, they may have enough to avoid them until the Eastern Conference Finals.

Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are not threatening anyone near the top of the Eastern Conference. Maybe not even the ones at the But they do have an opportunity to make a move for a Celtics future draft pick and young player if they were willing to deal the Celtics a fill in veteran at small forward. While the Magic are in evaluation mode, they should be in capitalization mode if a deal is there to be made. The Magic could continue to build assets while preserving cap space.

Boston Celtics

One may ask how the Celtics can spin this situation into a positive. Easy. The pressure is now gone to replicate last season’s win total and challenging Cleveland for the conference top spot. Now they can focus on improving as a team while allowing young players to develop. The consequences of not finding a temporary patch for Gordon Hayward may cost the Celtics a chance at a Finals appearance this year but could pay dividends later down the road.


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