The Orlando Magic Power Shift Their Way Up in Week 2 of Latest ESPN Power Rankings

The Orlando Magic are defying odds and making the most of opportunity. In the latest ESPN Power Rankings, they find themselves at up seven spots over last week at 12.

The Orlando Magic began last week at position 19. A win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, were just routine early season wins while those clubs worked out rotation issues and chemistry. But after dismantling the San Antonio Spurs by 27 points at home and capping off an impressive 4-2 start, the Magic suddenly find themselves favored for as Eastern Conference playoff spot.

Break up the Magic! Though if they keep this up, the front office might not! A big win over San Antonio on Friday turned heads, and Aaron Gordon has established himself as a contender for Most Improved Player — and toss Evan Fournier into the mix, too. One notable difference this season? A middle-of-the-pack pace team last season, Orlando ranks a zippy third in possessions per game this season. – ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz

The Orlando Magic continue to feature one of the leagues highest scoring offenses this season. They capped off week two with a 2-1 record. They scored wins over the Brooklyn Nets and San Antonio Spurs, while losing to the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday night. The Magic have improved overnight under second year coach Frank Vogel. They have matchups against the New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics this upcoming week. The Magic are on the road for two games against the Pelicans and Grizzlies and back at home for the last two against the Bulls and Celtics. The Magic have yet to drop a game at home this season.

Noticeably in the power rankings, the Magic have moved ahead of teams like the Detroit Pistons (15), Washington Wizards (12), Minnesota Timberwolves (13). The Magic sit just behind teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder (11) and Portland Trailblazers (10).


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