Post Game Reactions: Orlando Magic vs San Antonio Spurs

The Orlando Magic are starting to turn heads in the NBA. After starting the season 3-1 with a convincing win over the Cleveland Cavaliers the Magic had an even more convincing win over the then-undefeated San Antonio Spurs. The Magic come out on top 114-87.

Coming into this game the Orlando Magic were playing great basketball by all standards. The team was moving the ball and making good decisions to get open shots. The San Antonio Spurs would be another test for Orlando to see if this was real or a mirage. The Magic showed that not only was it real, but it can be even better. From the start of the game, Orlando was the aggressor and never backed down from the Spurs. Orlando led the Spurs by as much as 36 points playing solid on both ends of the court.

Unlike last game where the ball movement was not emphasized, the Magic kept the offense flowing from tip-off. LaMarcus Aldridge was able to make some big contributions for the Spurs tallying 24 point and 11 rebounds. However, Aldridge also had the highest negative +/- in the game(-20). The efficiency that the Magic are playing with now makes them look like a sure playoff team and maybe even a championship contender. But again, it is early in the season.



Evan Fournier has gotten off to a great start this season. Fournier is averaging 22.2 points per game while shooting 56% from deep. Fournier has been as consistent as anyone in the league. The Magic know what they will get from him on a daily basis and he showed it again. He started out the game hot and never really cooled down. The chemistry Fournier has with those in the starting lineup allows them to trust him taking the big shots or having the ball when they need a basket. There weren’t too many instances in this game where Orlando needed to stop a rally, but when the situation does occur, Fournier is the one to have the ball. The Magic are looking good and Evan Fournier is a big part of that.


Should The Orlando Magic Be Concerned About Their Ball Movement?


Coach Frank Vogel is known as a defensive-minded coach. The Magic look like they have finally bought into his philosophy and are playing harder on defense. The off-season acquisitions for the Magic were questioned by many in the media as it looked like Orlando did not get any help for their biggest flaw, shooting. Orlando signed free agents known more for defense and also drafted two players that were ready to play NBA defense. In this early portion of the season, it looks like Orlando made all the right moves. Orlando held the Spurs to their lowest point total of the season(Spurs also scored 87 in a win over Chicago). Orlando will only get better as the season progresses and the team gains more chemistry.


The Orlando Magic next game is Sunday at the Charlotte Hornets.


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