Post Game Reactions: Orlando Magic vs Brooklyn Nets

The second meeting between the Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets in just four days almost produced the same exact score. This time, Orlando came out on top as they held on to defeat the Nets 125-121 in the Amway Center.

The Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets are two of the top five scoring teams in the NBA. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that this was a high scoring game. The Magic had a tough time keeping Brooklyn out of the paint. This was also an issue in their last meeting when Brooklyn scored 60 points from in the painted area. This time Orlando was able to keep the total down to 50, still a little high but getting the win makes it easier to deal with. The biggest reason why Orlando gave up so many point in the paint were second chance opportunities given up by the Nets cleaning the offensive glass.  Nevertheless, Orlando was able to pull out the win.

Career Night

Aaron Gordon exploded in his return back to the court. Gordon poured in a career high 41 points while going 5 for 5 from three point range. Gordon also collected 14 rebounds in the process. Aaron Gordon has been showing signs this season that he has finally taken the jump. His game began to blossom during the preseason and last night Gordon was in full bloom. Gordon played with a confidence and a swagger that we have not seen from him in prior seasons. His confidence has steadily grown this season and will continue to do so. Being the first game back from a sore ankle it would be understandable to easy him back into the lineup. Gordon was not having it. He shot the ball well and he moved great without the ball to get open. Both of those attributes came together in crunch time as Gordon hit the go ahead three pointer.

Take Care of Home

The Orlando Magic went back and forth with the Brooklyn Nets all night keeping the game interesting. Brooklyn gave Orlando all they had and were able to gain a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter. Orlando showed resilience as they fought their way back to take the lead. So far the Magic have taken care of home court. Last season Orlando won only 16 games out of 41 home games. To be a contender in the NBA you have to be able to win on your home court consistently. With Orlando playing the style that they are and scoring so many point the fans will definitely show their support. Having a mad house of fans cheering them on transfers that energy to the team and make it difficult for visitors.

Rising in the East

The Orlando Magic are off to their best start since 2012. They are currently tied for the second spot in the eastern conference behind the Washington Wizards. Although the season is only four games old Orlando has the feel of a changed team. The national recognition has yet to be seen, but if they continue to play this way it will come. The East lost a few superstars this offseason and the early injuries are starting to mount up for competition. The early returns show a favorable chance for Orlando to make the playoffs this season.

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The Orlando Magic next game is Friday night versus the visiting San Antonio Spurs at 7pm.



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