The Orlando Magic Feel Disrespected and are Taking it Personal

For the past few seasons the Orlando Magic have been near the bottom of the league. The media and the rest of the NBA have them marked down as a win once schedules are revealed. The Magic players are tired of it.

When mentioning the Orlando Magic many do not consider the team a contender. In fact, most have no clue what the organization is doing. With no huge moves during the offseason, the same results are expected from outsiders. The over under on win total is a little better but not much.

“The Magic have been lost without a paddle in the past few years, and I’m not expecting that to change in 2017-18. Fresh off a 29-win campaign, the Magic have eclipsed the 32-win mark only once since 2012 and didn’t exactly make any major offseason moves to improve their status in the Eastern Conference.”

These sort of things are what’s making the Orlando Magic tick this season. Once signed, Arron Afflalo made it known that the Magic were not going to be an easy win for anyone this season. This is one of his many social media post showing how focused he and the Orlando Magic are.


The Magic are ready to go to war versus the NBA, the media, and anyone who talks negative about the team. They will look at the guys they are facing on the other end as the enemy. Find out their weakness and exploit them. Dennis Smith Jr. was getting looks as a possible replacement for Elfrid Payton during this year’s draft. Many thought Orlando made the wrong pick by passing on Smith. For Payton and Isaac, those should be considered insults and drive them to prove doubters wrong.

Up Tempo Offense is About More Than Offense for the Orlando Magic

Last year when the Magic were facing off against a players ex team Coach Vogel would draw up plays for that player. This is common around the NBA and all sports really. When facing a team that traded you or didn’t think you were a good fit for them players tend to play a little harder. This season, every game versus every opponent the Magic need to take them all personal. Warlando is the slogan now.

During the preseason Dallas pulled just about their whole team to show how much respect they have for the Magic. They even left their head coach at home. When asked about opponents resting players against Orlando Jonathon Simmons had this to say.

National Media

On a recent episode of the Bill Simmons podcast the group had an interesting take on the Orlando Magic, to say the least. After criticizing the roster and a lack of improvement in the win column a bold statement was made. Joe House basically said that Orlando should not have a team. Nothing directed at the city of Orlando(whew), the criticism was focused on the roster moves since Dwight Howard’s departure. A similar statement was made by Michelle Beadle of ESPN’s SportsNation. These types of statements have to come to an end. The Orlando Magic hear them and will look to change the perception of the organization. It all starts with the players on the court, they have to take it personal.





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