Orlando Magic Swingman Aaron Gordon is Hopeful to Make The All-Star Leap This Year

Aaron Gordon is about to enter his fourth year in the NBA with the Orlando Magic. This season he is hopeful to earn his first all-star game appearance.

The time has come for Aaron Gordon to stop being a player full of potential. He is due for a breakout season with the Orlando Magic. A season in which he hopes to earn all-star honors.

The Orlando Magic have not rostered a team all-star since Dwight Howard left town in 2012. Despite selecting in the lottery every year after Howard’s departure, the team has missed on elevating a player to all-star status. But Aaron Gordon is hopeful to change that notion this season.

Gordon was asked during the Orlando Magic Media Day if he was expecting to attend the all-star game in Los Angeles, California this season. His response was simple, “Hopefully as a player.”

His response may be closer to a reality than most will give him credit.

The Eastern Conference lost a lot of its luster this off-season which leaves a hole at the forward position for the all-star game this season. The conference lost forwards Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, Paul Millsap, and Jimmy Butler to the west. The only incoming gain to the conference was Boston Celtics forward, Gordon Hayward. That gives Aaron Gordon a chance to make the team.

Last season, Aaron Gordon played both forward positions for the Orlando Magic. He saw minimum success on the perimeter offensively but thrived once he moved back to the paint. Gordon told The Oliver’s Twist during media day, that he is capable of scoring but that would not be his primary focus.

“Last season I had a few 20s and a couple 30s [point games]. I feel like I can definitely score in this league.”

While scoring is not a mandatory criteria for making an all-star team, is definitely helps support the case. Last season, of the 24 total all-stars to participate, only three players failed to average more than 20 points per game. Those three were Draymond Green (10.2), DeAndre Jordan (12.7), and Marc Gasol (19.5). While they didn’t score much, they excelled in other areas of the game. Something Gordon is still learning to do for the Orlando Magic.

Gordon is a solid rebounder and above average defender for the Orlando Magic. Defensively he is the best isolation defender in the roster. If Gordon expects to make a leap in his game this year, he will have to get more involved offensively and remain aggressive in scoring. He has proved capable but now he must prove to be reliably consistent.

The Orlando Magic Are Taking This Upcoming Season Day By Day

If the Orlando Magic hope to grow as a team, they will need Aaron Gordon to help them in his fourth year — all-star or not.


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