Rankings: The NFL Receiving Core To Start the 2017 Season

The NFL preseason is underway and teams are beginning to get a chance at first look action of their players. The summer was filled with trade rumors, free agent signings, and the return of a few retired players. The Oakland Raiders handed quarterback Derek Carr the highest NFL contract in NFL history but what good is a quarterback without a supporting cast of wide receivers.

Last season, the NFL was a pass happy oriented league with the upper echelon on playoff teams finishing in the range of 260 yards receiving per game or more.

In this era of NFL football, quarterbacks will not be successful without high-caliber receiving targets.

Last season the New Orleans Saints led the league in receiving yards per game at 328. The league’s worse receiving team, the San Francisco 49ers, posted 198 yards per game. The 2017 NFL season is approaching quickly and we have our latest rankings for each receiving unit.


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