Orlando Magic Player’s Analysis: Wesley Iwundu

Wesley Iwundu, Shooting Guard

Age: 22

Contract Status: 3 years/ $4 million

2016-17 stats: 35 games, 13.0 points,6.3 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 52.0% FG, 37.6% 3PT, 76.7% FT

PER 40 stats: 35 games, 16.6 points, 8.1 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 52.0% FG, 37.6% 3PT, 76.7% FT

Wesley Iwundu was a difference maker for the Kansas State Wildcats last season. He took a leap forward in his offensive game as a senior and earned All-Big 12 third team honors. The Magic had two picks prior to selecting Iwundu in the second round. They passed on a number of players that were bigger names with better resumes and opted for Iwundu.  His length and athletic ability were the major selling points. Aside from the physical attributes Iwundu is a senior. What that means amongst other this is Wesley Iwundu is coachable. He can take directions and isn’t above making adjustments to improve. Iwundu will put in the time to get better and help the Orlando Magic succeed.

Strengths of Wesley Iwundu

Iwundu’s length and versatility allowed him to be very effective at Kansas State. At 6’7″ with a wingspan of 7’1″ Iwundu can make an impact on both ends of the court. On the offensive end, Wesley did most of his scoring by attacking the rim in transition and slashing to the basket. Because of his size, Iwundu had some success in pick and roll situations. He was able to see over the top of point guards and find the open man when driving the lane.On the defensive side of the floor, his long wingspan helps to deflect many passes. During the years summer league games Iwundu’s defensive potential was shown often. He can come in as a rookie and make an impact with his defense alone.

Weaknesses of Wesley Iwundu

One of Iwundu’s biggest weaknesses is his shooting. While he did improve his numbers during his senior year there is still room to grow. Wesley plays more on the passive side not looking to get shots up. Some of that mentality comes from lack of confidence in his jump shot. In today’s NBA shooting is a skill you must possess, or at least the confidence to shoot when open. Not being ready to pull the trigger gives the opposing team less to worry about. Iwundu has worked on his shooting mechanics from his junior year to his senior season and saw improvement. Having a dedicated shooting coach in the NBA should help him even more.

Another area to improve on is ball handling. While Iwundu was the primary ball handler at Kansas State he still needs to improve in that area. Under pressure, Iwundu can get flustered and make careless turnovers. His ball control is not crisp enough to dribble through traffic causing him to pick up the dribble when a help defender arrives.

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Expectations for Wesley Iwundu

Expectations are low for Iwundu in his rookie season. As a second round pick just making the game day roster is a great accomplishment. The Orlando Magic invested a bit more money in Iwundu than normal showing that they clearly like his potential. With so much depth at the wing positions it will be hard for Iwundu to get consistent playing time. I would not be surprised if Iwundu spent some time with the Orlando G-League affiliate to get game time minutes.

Projected 2017-18 position: Reserve Shooting Guard

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