Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Wants to Play Football Into His 40’s

Aaron Rodgers is 33 years old entering this upcoming NFL season. He wants to play football for another six, seven, eight or more years if possible for the Green Bay Packers.

Mr. Discount Double Check, Aaron Rodgers, wants to grow old as a Green Bay Packer. So old he can claim to be one of only a handful of quarterbacks to play into his 40’s.

“I do think it’s realistic,” the 33-year-old Aaron Rodgers said. “I hope it’s in this locker room, though. That would mean it’s been at a high level. Like I said, hopefully Dec. 2 of 2024, help me out, 2023. Thank you.”

Aaron Rodgers was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2005. His admiration to want to play into his 40’s attributes to being a fan of sports.

“It’s being a sports fan and watching some of my favorite all-time players either not finish in the place they started or the place where you fell in love watching them play — or they did,” Rodgers said. “And seeing how different the memory is of those players as a fan, and seeing some of my favorite players growing finishing up now or have finished up in the last two or three years — the Derek Jeters, the Kobe Bryants, the Tim Duncans doing it their entire career in one place, that makes things pretty special. So again, I’m a realist as well. I have to play well, the team has to want to bring me back, but I’ve said I’d like to finish things here where we started.”

If Aaron Rodgers is able to play for another eight seasons with the Packers that would place him with the franchise for 19 years.

For Rodgers to continue to play, he will need to sustain a high quality of play. The Green Bay Packers would likely not want to wade into mediocrity just for the sake of keeping Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers has made his intentions clear that Green Bay is where he wants to end his NFL career. Rodgers reiterated that his desire to stay with one team was due to watching the way Joe Montana, Michael Jordan and former teammate Charles Woodson played for other teams in the ending stages of their careers.

“The legacy,” Aaron Rodgers stated, “you’re going to be remembered for multiple teams. It would be cool to start with one team and finish with one team.”

Green Bay must continue to surround Aaron Rodgers with talent. They must remain a championship caliber team. And then it’s on Aaron Rodgers to remain healthy and productive.

At the moment it seems Rodgers is on a good track to see his vision out.

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