The Orlando Magic Should Experiment with Jonathan Isaac his First Year

Natural Ability

Each NBA player has a feel for the game that comes natural to them. Some players can jump out the gym. Others can dribble and stop on a dime while others can shoot and make shots from half court. It’s apparent at first notice of watching a player. The rest of their game must be developed and worked on to improve in the future. What is noticeable when it comes to Isaac is he naturally can do a little bit of everything.

He is not going to develop the tightest handles to crossover the smaller quicker players. Nor will he shoot three-pointers from half court. But he can do everything a typical shooting guard can do.

Watching Isaac last year at Florida State, he played a combination of power forward and small forward. His effectiveness can be attributed to his natural feel for the game when performing certain actions on the court. Isaac was a natural wing player until he grew six inches during his high school years. He never lost his comfortableness of playing on the perimeter despite his large frame. He learned to adapt to it.


Isaac’s shooting motion is very fluid and consistent. He releases at its highest point which negates any chance of his shot being blocked on shot attempts. His ability to shoot over the top of shorter players is a skill he used often at Florida State. Isaac possesses above average release speed on his shot allowing him to get his shot off fairly quick. Simply stated, he is going to get his shot off regardless of who is guarding him.

Ball Handling

His ball handling skills are underrated at this point in his career. He does a great job of not turning the ball over while dribbling, averaging 1.5 per game last year. He uses both hands very fluidly. Isaac is naturally right-handed but actually makes most of his moves going left. He is capable of handling the ball in transition and making the right play. As stated earlier, he will not develop into a tight ball handler. He does however possess enough skill to perform on the perimeter, most notably in a half court setting.

Off-ball Movement

Jonathan Isaac is able to move as quick as most shooting guards in the NBA. In college, he was featured often on back screens, cuts to the basket, and slashes from side to side. He did a great job creating space for himself off the ball. It is difficult to lose someone as tall as Isaac on defense. Most of the time he scored easily because he was taller than his opponent. Nothing will change in the NBA if teams fail to guard him with bigger defenders.


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