The Orlando Magic Should Experiment with Jonathan Isaac his First Year

The off-season for the Orlando Magic has lived past the hype of expectations. With minimum cap space, the team was able to sign veterans but not a bona-fide star. But maybe another option exists with Jonathan Isaac.

Jonathan Isaac is the type of player a team should tank a season to draft. The Orlando Magic may not have tanked to draft Isaac. But they should be enamored he fell to them at pick number six. The excitement surrounding Jonathan Isaac is similar to buying a brand new Ferrari. No one buys a Ferrari to take it easy. The whole concept of a speedster car is to see its performance at full speed. And the Orlando Magic need to take a likewise approach with rookie Jonathan Isaac this season.

Isaac nearly categorizes as a true seven footer. His physical measurements are amongst the NBA’s elite players. It’s known that he is a jack of all trades but still a project player in need of development. NBA executives believe he is at best, two years away from tapping into his full potential.

Isaac says he models his game after former MVP and world champion, Kevin Durant. Scouts believe he fits somewhere between Andrei Kirilenko and Kevin Garnett range. His pro player comparisons are actually quite stunning for a 19-year-old. Most sports outlets agree Jonathan Isaac is a future all-star at the least. With such a wide range of player comparisons, why shouldn’t the Orlando Magic unleash him? They should attempt to see what he can be sooner rather than later.

Jonathan possesses a 7’1 wingspan. He can play and guard nearly any position of the court. He does need refining on the offensive end. But the kid is still ready to play meaningful NBA minutes and not on a gradual increase. He will likely find the bulk of his minutes at the power forward position his first year.

But what if the Orlando Magic decided to think outside the box in regards to Isaac? He can clearly play and has a wide range of skills. They should try to utilize his skills in a different way his first year.

If so, they should try lining him up at shooting guard.

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