Major League Baseball snubs Pete Rose yet again

Major league baseball has not been kind to the legend, Pete Rose. Rose has been eligible for the hall of fame since 1992 but off the field issues have prevented his induction. Will Pete Rose ever make it to Cooperstown?

Another baseball hall of fame ballot has passed and another year Pete Rose has remained off the official ballot.

Once again, baseball politicians have left the world disappointed or at least wondering when Pete Rose will be recognized. At-least his baseball achievements and not his off field actions.

The point that needs to be made is other players have disgraced the game of baseball and current players continue to do so. The difference is at some point, those players will have an opportunity to be voted into baseballs hall of fame. It’s almost as if baseball wants to single out one the greatest players to take the diamond and reject his career stats which are undeniably deserving of a hall of fame spot.

The Case:

Pete Rose’s 24 year career achievements are as follows:

1963 Rookie of the Year

2x NL Gold Glove Winner (1969,1970)

17x NL All-star (1965,1967-71,1973-82,1985)

1981 NL Silver Slugger

3x Batting Champion (1968,1969,1973)

3x World Series Champion

1973 NL MVP

1975 World Series MVP

The Probable:

Rose did admit to betting on his team to win games but how can the baseball Veteran’s Committee continue to punish those staggering numbers? It’s understood that the rules are the rules but baseball continues to allow illegal substance users to escape permanent ineligibility and are voted in to the Hall of Fame.

Notable players like Roger Clemons with 300 career wins as a starting pitcher, Mark McGwire  70 home-runs in a single season, and Barry Bonds a career record of 756 home runs will or have had their names included on the hall of fame ballots, but yet Rose has not.

At a minimum, the committee needs to give the public and hall of fame voters the chance to place Pete Rose where he rightfully belongs. In 2016, the Cincinnati Reds honored Rose by retiring his number and establishing him in the Reds hall of fame. So again, why is the MLB committee continuing to punish one player for his guilt when we consistently turn the cheek to others players who are destroying the game of baseball with performance enhancing drugs.

The Twist:

Yes Pete Rose was wrong. Yes, Rose admitted that he was wrong in gambling on his team to win games. He also has paid his dues and served his punishment. Compared to the amount of players who are consistently testing positive for PED’s and only receiving lifetime bans after the third infraction. It’s only fair that Pete Rose is given another opportunity. 10 years and counting is long enough. Its time to place Pete Rose where he rightfully belongs – in Cooperstown, New York and that should come as early as next year.


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  1. Very proud of my son I think he finally found his calling what a great article and what a great son I wish you the best of luck love your dad

    1. Thanks dad. Great guys do Dumb stuff but doesn’t mean snub forever

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