Could Conor McGregor actually beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, It looks as if we are about to find out

The stage is set. Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. The date is set. August 26th, 2017. The fighting style is set. Boxing. Every scenario favors Floyd Mayweather to add another win to his 49-0 professional boxing record. But what if Mayweather loses his mega fight against UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor?


Las Vegas has the odds set at -800 in favor of Floyd Mayweather. A gambling man should take whatever money they could scramble together and bet it all on Mayweather to do what he is known to do — win.

But what if Conor McGregor actually pulled off one of the largest upsets in sports history. While no one outside of the McGregor camp and Fox Sports’ anchor Skip Bayless gives McGregor any chance to actually win this bout. Check his series of tweets a few days ago:

While not convinced McGregor will actually win this bout, Bayless made a couple of valid points.

The Case:

McGregor has the ability to fight ambidextrous. This overlooked ability could be a deciding point if used correctly. Floyd has faced some great opponents in his career but none like McGregor who can switch fighting styles at will. The basis of winning a boxing match is to out-maneuver your opponent and land punches. Expect McGregor to use every bit of this strategy against the defensive specialist Floyd to keep him guessing.

The second point Bayless pointed out was Mayweather getting called out of retirement to prove a point. While no one cam be exactly sure what Floyd did during his retirement, he will need to get in shape pretty quick. If Floyd comes out too cocky, it could land him in big trouble. While videos have surfaced recently of McGregor sparring against a professional boxer and getting handled, McGregor is still capable of taunting Floyd into one big punch and one big punch is all a fighter needs to turn the odds in their favor.

The Probable:

No one should be looking for this fight to be a one-sided Mayweather scorecard victory. Instead this will be a competitive bout. Rounds one through four will probably display and aggressive McGregor chasing Mayweather as he attempts to display his textbook defense. Rounds five and six are about as close to even as it will get as Mayweather figures out what McGregor is doing on offense and switching his fighting styles. Rounds six though 12, will end up being text-book Mayweather rounds. Solid defense, counter punching, and quick combination flurries to seal another Mayweather win.

The Twist:

Round six ends with an illegal blow by McGregor and he manages to capitalize and put Mayweather on the floor for the first time in his career. Mayweather still escapes with a win but a questionable split one. After all, Las Vegas is not going to allow their man lose at home.


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