What Will Terrence Ross Bring To The Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic made a trade to send free agent to be forward Serge Ibaka  to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for combo wing Terrence Ross and a 2017 first round pick.

Terrence Ross is the newest member of the Orlando Magic. Ross was selected eighth in the 2012 NBA draft. At the time, Ross was known to be near the top of the athleticism charts coming into the league and has continued to develop into a complete player over the last five years. On paper, Ross looks to be the player that Hennigan was seeking to compliment the young player rebuild—a wing player who can score from all areas of the floor. Lets look at what Terrence Ross will bring to the Orlando Magic.


Ross comes to the Magic, averaging a pedestrian 10 points per game. On the stat sheet, that number won’t jump out at you but he did so playing 22 minutes and attempting just under nine shots per game. Even more so, Ross was never more than the fourth or fifth scoring option with the Toronto Raptors.

In Orlando, Ross will be used very differently.

The Magic are starving for a go to scorer and after trading away Ibaka, the Magic should attempt to make Ross that guy. Capable of scoring from all areas on the court, Ross should instantly feed off of the play of Magic guard Elfrid Payton. Payton’s ability to penetrate the paint and draw double teams, should leave Ross with plenty of opportunities to convert on open threes and cuts to the rim.

Ross current stats:

10.4 ppg, 2.6 rpg, 0.8 apg, 1.0 spg, 44.1 FG%, 37.5 3PT%, 82.0 FT%

Ross projected PER 36 Stats:

16.7 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 1.3 apg, 1.6 spg, 44.1 FG%, 37.5 3PT%, 82.0 FT%

53% of Ross’ shot attempts come from three-point land. 16% come between 16 feet to the three-point line, and 12% come at the rim.

What Frank Vogel should incorporate into the game plan is reducing the amount of long two-point shots and increase the amount of attempts at the rim. Ross will still take a hefty amount of threes per game but by reducing the amount of high risk, low reward shot attempts, he should be able to increase his scoring into the 20 point per game range.

The hole in Ross’ offensive arsenal is his ability to draw fouls. He must develop the ability to draw contact, something that will happen as he gets the rim more often. Currently he averages less than one attempt per game. For a player who converts at an 82% rate, the Magic will need to take advantage of and tap into his full  scoring potential.

Finishing Ability

The Magic have finally found themselves a guy who can finish through players as opposed to changing to a tough lay-up or floater. Ross has the ability to go through, around, over, under, and however else is possible to score a bucket. Just take a look at what he is capable of doing.

And here is a another look at his finishing ability.

Ross will become one of the best finishers on the Orlando Magic from day one.


While not known to have elite defense, that doesn’t mean Ross is not one the better defenders at his position. He is capable of defending the perimeter and the paint. Of the 21 fouls per game committed by the Toronto Raptors, Ross accounted for one foul per game. That’s right. One. For a player who is playing roughly two full quarters per game, he rarely fouls his opponent. The Magic on the other hand are already near the league best in 19 fouls per game (league best is 17 per game with the Charlotte Hornets). Adding a player like Ross who barely fouls, should help boost them into the top five of this category and decrease the freebies other teams get against the Magic.

Ross was one of the better defenders in Toronto and should fit adjust well into Frank Vogel’s game plan.

Ross wasnt able to suit up in his first capable game with the Orlando Magic due to NBA trade protocol, but when he does get the opportunity to play he should instantly find success. The Aaron Gordon at small forward project should be nearing an end and Terrence Ross should eventually take over that starting wing position. Vogel has longed for a replica of current Indiana Pacers forward Paul George for the Orlando Magic and he may have just landed one in Terrence Ross.


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